Testimonials for ProFume® Gas Fumigant

ProFume promises to be a wonderful new fumigant for the milling and processing industry. It will be unique in the way variables can be managed with its Fumiguide program – a software program developed by Dow to ensure precise, flexible fumigations. ProFume appears to be the closest thing to a direct replacement for methyl bromide for structural fumigations.
Jerry Heath, product manager for Industrial Fumigant Company (IFC) in World Grain, “A Mill’s Sanitation Toolbox,” April 2004

“There are several key advantages to ProFume as a methyl bromide alternative. First, it is non-corrosive, non-flammable and odorless. Also key, the cost and time involved is expected to be comparable to methyl bromide. But ProFume’s real edge lies in its precision fumigation capabilities.”
World Grain, “Searching for Options,” April 2003

“IFC has conducted test fumigations with sulfuryl fluoride in flour mills and had excellent results. It (ProFume) quickly penetrates the fumigated area and dissipates rapidly during aeration.”
IFC in The IFC Newsletter, Bulletin 41, March 2002

“ProFume is the most promising replacement we have, no question about it.”
Dennis Balint, chief executive officer of the California Walnut Commission in Pacific Nut Producer, September/October 2001

“ProFume will fill many of the holes left by the phase out of methyl bromide particularly in stored products…”
Preston Hartsell, principal investigator on a residue study conducted by the Dried Fruit Association of California in Pacific Nut Producer, September/October 2001