Frequently Asked Questions

Select questions below to find answers to frequently asked questions about ProFume® gas fumigant. Have additional questions? Contact your account representative and they’ll be happy to assist!

What is ProFume® gas fumigant?

ProFume offers effective, reliable stored product pest control that fits with operational needs. It is packaged in cylinders as a liquid under pressure. ProFume is non-flammable, non-corrosive as a gas, odorless, and has a high vapor pressure. It quickly penetrates the fumigated area, is effective against a variety of stored product pests and dissipates rapidly during aeration.

What are the uses for ProFume®?

Uses for ProFume include warehouses, mills, dried fruit and tree nut storage, grain elevators, food processing facilities and stationary transport vehicles.

No two fumigation jobs are identical. The required amount of ProFume gas fumigant will be influenced by the circumstances of each fumigation situation. Douglas Product’s offers a unique computerized program, the Fumiguide™ program for ProFume gas fumigant, which enables fumigators to tailor each fumigation procedure for optimum efficiency. This innovative computer-based program calculates dosages based on input from fumigation variables such as pest biology, production time and environment. By allowing the fumigator to quickly modify any fumigation variable, the program helps customize and optimize a fumigation management plan for each situation.

Which pests and insect stages does ProFume® target?

ProFume targets stored product pests (insects and rodents), as well as those insects that may be transported from the field on food commodities (i.e., navel orange worm, codling moth and chestnut weevil.)  ProFume controls all insect pest life stages, including eggs. Fortunately, the Fumiguide tells you exactly how much ProFume you need at whatever the desired rate of control is. Choose ProFume for superior stored product pest control.

Does using ProFume® damage equipment or facilities?

ProFume will not cause corrosion of equipment when used properly. ProFume is non-flammable, has low reactivity potential, and as a gas, is stable under temperatures and exposure duration normally encountered in fumigation

How is ProFume® applied?

ProFume gas fumigant is a liquid under pressure in a cylinder. It immediately converts to a gas upon release from an introduction hose due to its high vapor pressure and very low boiling point. Unlike methyl bromide, ProFume does not require the use of a heat exchanger. Air, circulated by a fan at the introduction site, serves to provide the energy necessary to convert ProFume from a liquid to a gas.

How is ProFume® gas fumigant priced?

Fumigators are finding the per pound price of ProFume gas fumigant an economically viable offering for their customers. In addition, Douglas Product’s has fumigation optimization techniques to make product use as cost effective as possible. A unique computerized program, called the Fumiguide™ program for ProFume gas fumigant, enables fumigators to tailor fumigation procedures for optimum efficiency.

Who can purchase, transport and apply ProFume®?

ProFume can only be purchased, transported and applied by those who have completed the training program from Douglas Products or its agents. Once specially trained, state licensed/certified fumigators are authorized to use ProFume gas fumigant.

Does ProFume® have a negative effect on commodities?

A test of major commodities at near worst case scenarios in cooperation with university experts has demonstrated that ProFume has no physical, chemical or taste effects on the quality of the product.

What is the active ingredient of ProFume®?

The active ingredient in ProFume® gas fumigant is sulfuryl fluoride. Sulfuryl fluoride for nearly 55 years as Vikane® gas fumigant for structural fumigations to eliminate pest infestations. Vikane has been used to fumigate more than 2 million buildings, including homes, museums, historical landmarks, rare book collections, and scientific and medical research laboratories.

How does sulfuryl fluoride work?

Sulfuryl fluoride disrupts the glycolosis and citric acid cycles within cells throughout the insect body, thereby depriving insects of the necessary energy for survival.

Does ProFume® negatively affect the ozone layer?

Sulfuryl fluoride, the active ingredient in ProFume, is not an ozone-depleting chemical. ProFume contains no chlorine or bromine and, thus, cannot react to deplete stratospheric ozone by the known mechanisms. It is fully oxidized and, thus, will not interact or contribute to local ozone formation (such as smog). When a commodity or facility is aerated, ProFume rapidly dissipates to non-detectable levels.