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Trusted by homeowners. Preferred by professionals.

One treatment. Complete peace of mind.

A single treatment using ProFume®can eliminate pests that damage your home and quality of life. Best of all, a professional treatment with ProFume will not damage property or sensitive electronics, such as televisions or computers. And it has no odor and leaves no residues on surfaces once the treatment is completed. 

Pests can’t escape ProFume

What makes ProFume so effective? It reaches all the pests where they live and hide — even wood-boring beetles and drywood termites hidden inside the wood they attack. 

Home tented for fumigation

The “one-and-done” pest solution.

Professional pest managers appreciate ProFume as a proven treatment to rid an entire home or commercial property of problem pests, including:


Wood-boring beetles

Wood-boring beetles can cause major damage to structural wood in residences and buildings, furniture, artifacts, and more. An infestation begins with eggs laid on or in wood. The eggs hatch into larvae that feed on wood beneath its surface. When they reach the adult stage, the beetles emerge, leaving telltale exit holes and sometimes wood frass. Left untreated, the cycle can continue, potentially causing severe damage over time. A label treatment using ProFume is effective to control eggs. 


Drywood termites

All termites are difficult to detect because they feed on interior wood. But drywood termites are especially difficult because the colony itself lives inside above-ground wood, often structural wood that’s inaccessible for inspection. As a result, many treatments are not able to directly treat the termites. That’s why structural fumigation is recognised as the ONLY proven way to eliminate all drywood termites from a building, according to university researchers, government regulatory agencies, home mortgage lenders and pest management professionals.


No more pests. And no damage from treatment.

Museum artifacts and cultural landmarks can be protected with ProFume because it is effective without posing a risk to even the most sensitive materials. ProFume is nonstaining, noncorrosive and nonflammable and leaves no surface residues.

When you compare, the choice is clear. Other options, but no alternative. 

While the efficacy of fumigation has been proven through research and more than 60 years of real-world use, some other treatments, such as heat or chemical spot treatments, claim comparable results. However, ProFume is the only treatment proven to completely eradicate pest infestations in wood — without damaging the structure or personal possessions. 

Take a look at the options and see why fumigation is the smart choice:


Liquid spot treatments

Chemical spot treatments, or contact insecticides, require the insect to come in contact with the pesticide to be effective. This can be done by directly treating the insect or treating areas known to be frequented by the insects. As a result, being able to identify where the pests are located is critical for the application to be effective.  

The challenge is locating the insects inside the wood — because some structural wood is simply located in areas that can’t be inspected or reached by the liquid. Fumigation with ProFume penetrates every millimeter of space in your structure, so it is proven effective against drywood termites and wood-boring beetles.  


Fumigation (one-and-done) treatments

Fumigation eliminates target pests from homes, apartments, condominiums, office complexes, hotels, warehouses, retail stores, light industrial buildings, and any other structure with wood framing or components.  

Whole-structure fumigation can be done using a tape-and-seal method or by tenting the building with tarpaulins. Additionally, some specific items may be fumigated in dedicated fumigation chambers or stationary containers. 

The fumigation process

How to Prepare for a Fumigation

For a fumigation to be successful, there are a few simple tasks that must be completed by the homeowners before your pest management company arrives. Your pest management professional will provide you with information and resources to help guide you to prepare your home for the treatment.  

How fumigation works

If your pest control professional is recommending fumigation with ProFume, you should know that you are in good hands. Depending upon the pest, your licensed fumigator will determine the proper fumigation plan to provide you with a pest-free property. The main steps include:

  1. Your home is carefully prepared and sealed. Think of the building itself sealed as a balloon; it is necessary to hold the fumigant in long enough to kill the targeted pests.
  2. The space to be treated is filled with fumigant. It travels throughout your home, seeking out every drywood termite or other target pest, no matter where it’s hiding.
  3. Every single target pest dies, even those hiding in your roof or joinery.
  4. The tape or tarp is removed. The fumigant completely exits your home and does not leave behind surface residue, living termites or other target pests.
  5. You return to a home that is pest-free.

Start with a professional

Fumigation training

Don’t risk unnecessary damage.

Pest management begins with a thorough inspection by a qualified professional, who will then make a recommendation for how to best treat your pest problem. 

If a fumigation with ProFume® fumigant is recommended, only licensed and qualified fumigators can perform the fumigation. Your pest management professional will provide you with information and resources to help guide you through the process.


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