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From raw material sourcing, to manufacturing and cylinder quality control, distribution and cylinder tracking to training and working hands-on with fumigators and their customers, we are there for you.

World-class Product Stewardship Standards

With ongoing company investment in research, label advancements, development of specialized equipment and software, and fumigator training, the world-class stewardship standards of Douglas Products reinforce and often exceed regulatory requirements. Professional fumigators who use ProFume® gas fumigant must hold the necessary state and federal licensing, and must meet Douglas Products stewardship standards, which include mandatory introductory and recurrent annual training, as well as adherence to the stewardship policy for ProFume.

Industry-leading Field Support

ProFume is supported by people who care ― and the most experienced manufacturer sales team in the industry. They work closely with experienced distributors to support fumigators and their customers. Hands-on support can be important for initial training and technical assistance on a job. In addition to dedicated field personnel, company specialists provide expertise in manufacturing, regulatory and government affairs, technical support and research. Douglas Products actively invests to ensure its labels, equipment and stewardship standards continue to meet or exceed state and federal standards, as well as changing market needs.

Collaborative Professionals

Fumigation is a collaborative effort involving the pest management company, the licensed fumigator, site personnel, distribution and the fumigant manufacturer. All fumigations require quality product available when needed and expertise for fumigation planning. Ongoing training and proper stewardship practices are necessary to ensure efficacy and safety compliance.

As a manufacturer of ProFume, Douglas Products strives to fully ensure its customers’ success. ProFume is made in America in a Douglas Products manufacturing plant where all production lots are thoroughly tested for quality assurance purposes, and the cylinder fleet is maintained using procedures that exceed regulatory requirements. Product availability and support is provided through a network of distributor partners. Training and consultation comes from the most experienced and field-based sales team in the business. And Douglas Products supports the industry through its active association participation along with industry-leading regulatory support at the federal and state levels.



®™ Trademark of Douglas Products. ©2022 Douglas Products. PH3, ProFume and Vikane are federally Restricted Use Pesticides. Always read and follow label directions.