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The Advantages of ProFume® Fumigant

ProFume® fumigant helps fumigators confidently solve a range of customer pest management needs. The active ingredient in ProFume, sulfuryl fluoride, is proven effective against all listed target pests. Label directions include treatment of residential properties, commercial facilities, listed food commodities and International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 15 and ISPM 28 (treatment of debarked wood, wood pallets, packaging and international shipping crates).

Proven Effective

Sulfuryl fluoride, the active ingredient in ProFume, is proven to eliminate drywood termites, beetles and other difficult-to-control pests in residential applications. Its unique mode of action of ProFume makes it effective even against insect populations that have developed resistance to insecticides or phosphide fumigants.

Broad Spectrum

The proven active ingredient is effective on rodents at low-dose rates, and on all life stages of listed structure-infesting and household pests, and postharvest insect pests. Effective rates for target pests have been established through research.


Label directions include residential, commercial and agricultural applications, such as:
• residential and multifamily homes
• hotels
• retail businesses
• commercial food and non-food sites (mills, grain elevators, warehouses, food production facilities, pet food and pasta plants, stationary transportation vehicles,
fumigation chambers, fumigated stacks, and more)

Unprecedented Fumigation Planning Options

Exclusive Precision Fumigation tools and techniques allow fumigation planning based on job-specific factors that can include target pest(s), exposure time, temperature and half-loss time to ensure efficacy and meet customer goals.

Removes the Guesswork

The exclusive Fumiguide® program allows real-time monitoring of fumigations to ensure results. This can allow reaction to weather conditions during the fumigation, such as adding additional fumigant, if necessary, to ensure efficacy, or terminating the fumigation earlier than planned if efficacy has been achieved.

Rapid Penetration

ProFume has excellent penetration properties and rapidly distributes into all porous materials. Anywhere pests can hide, ProFume can reach — inside structures, household items and commodities. ProFume allows faster fumigations than are possible with phosphide fumigants and it penetrates more rapidly than methyl bromide.

Flexible Fumigation Duration and Rapid Aeration

Typical fumigation exposure times are 16 to 24 hours. A plan for a large fumigation may be 48 hours, while a chamber fumigation may be completed in 12 hours or less. ProFume quickly aerates upon ventilation, and it aerates more rapidly than methyl bromide.

Noncorrosive and Nonflammable

The active ingredient in ProFume is nonflammable, not combustive or explosive. Used according to label directions, ProFume has been shown to pose no risk of damage to buildings, equipment, electronic devices, furniture or artwork.

Low Reactivity

ProFume is an odourless, colourless gas. It disperses rapidly and does not react with materials to form unpleasant odours or off-flavours. ProFume does not affect the flavour, quality, colour or processing characteristics of commodities.

No Surface Residues

Sulfuryl fluoride is an inorganic gas that does not leave residues on inert surfaces, such as stainless steel, glass or ceramics. This means surfaces do not need to be cleaned after a fumigation.

Established Food Tolerances

Food tolerances have been established for ProFume for many food commodities, helping to facilitate global trade.

Commodity-related fumigation includes mills, food processing facilities, warehouses, silos, storage containers, chambers and stationary transportation vehicles.

For residential applications, label directions include bagging or removing foods prior to fumigation.

Sustainable Solution

With the active ingredient of sulfuryl fluoride, ProFume is not an ozone-depleting substance and it does not interact or cause local ozone formation. In addition, the ability to calculate the precise amount of fumigant required is environmentally and economically responsible.

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