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Quality assurance programs benefit two ways from Precision Fumigation:

During fumigation, real-time monitoring ensures efficacy with minimal fumigant.

After fumigation, you’ll receive customizable documentation to meet your specific reporting needs.

The Formula: More Than 55 Years of Success

The active ingredient in ProFume® fumigant is sulfuryl fluoride, which disrupts glycolysis and the citric acid cycle to deprive pests of the necessary cellular energy needed to survive. Due to its unique mode-of-action, sulfuryl fluoride has no cross-resistance with other insecticides or other fumigants. Instead, sulfuryl fluoride is effective against insects that may be resistant to insecticides or phosphide fumigant. Used in rotation, ProFume helps counter the development of resistant insect populations.

The Fumigation Process

1. Cylinders of ProFume arrive at the fumigation site, with each cylinder containing 56.7 kilograms of fumigant as a liquid under pressure. The fumigation site is sealed using tarps or the tape-and-seal method, and the site is secured to prevent unauthorised entry.

Based on the target pest(s), space volume and other considerations, the amount of fumigant
(“C” = concentration) and time (T = planned exposure time) is calculated for pest efficacy (CT) in the space or commodity.

2. The fumigant is released from cylinders from outside the space to be fumigated through one or more introduction hoses. It immediately converts to a gas due to the high vapour pressure and low boiling point.

3. Fans help circulate the fumigant until it reaches equilibrium throughout the space.

4. When the fumigation period is complete, the fumigated space is unsealed and opened for ventilation and aeration. The gas rapidly dissipates, and air is sampled within the fumigated space to ensure residues are within the acceptable limit for human access.

Reduced Downtime

A fumigation with ProFume can reduce downtime during the preparation stage because the active ingredient is noncorrosive, so sensitive equipment does not need to be removed or sealed. Fumigation exposure time is typically 12 to 36 hours, but duration can be shorter or longer depending upon the site and business goals.



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