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Quality assurance programs benefit two ways from Precision Fumigation:

During fumigation, real-time monitoring ensures efficacy with minimal fumigant.

After fumigation, you’ll receive customizable documentation to meet your specific reporting needs.

Remove the Guesswork

No two fumigations will be exactly the same even for the same structure due to changes in wind, temperature, site conditions or even customer business requirements. The exclusive Precision Fumigation tools and techniques used with ProFume® fumigant provide unprecedented fumigation planning capabilities.

At the heart of Precision Fumigation is the proprietary Fumiguide® program. This program integrates key factors at each site to ensure control while accommodating specific structure, commodity or business needs.

The Fumiguide program considers target pest, temperature, half loss time and exposure period to accurately determine the fumigation dose and accumulated concentration over exposure time (CT) required for the specific space or commodity to be fumigated.

These factors can then be manipulated to ensure control while addressing specific needs. For example, Precision Fumigation allows for choosing to shorten facility downtime by using more fumigant or reducing overall fumigation costs by extending the duration of the fumigation.

Enhanced Quality Assurance

Quality assurance programs can benefit from Precision Fumigation both during and after the fumigation. Removing the guesswork from the fumigation process ensures a successful and efficient treatment. The Fumiguide program also can produce customised reports and graphs to document quality control or to meet export requirements.

Continuous Quality Improvement Initiatives

The Fumiguide program can create a record of previous fumigations so that adjustments to subsequent fumigations can be improved. For example, fumigation monitoring may identify areas where structural sealing improvements are needed. If improvements are made, a tighter facility will require less fumigant or shorter exposure times on subsequent fumigations.



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